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Merry Christmas
From The Pendleton Clan In Austria
What a beautiful dream...
I Would Chase That Cat Except Then I Wouldn`t Get My Goodies
I Can Take You Outside For A Snowball Fight!
This Reminds Me Of One Of My Favorite Stories
I Can Still Remember The First Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees Understand Merry Christmas In Every Language
I Can Take You Outside For A Snowball Fight!
*Please Scroll Down*
I Must Hurry Or All The Christmas Berry Mocha Fudge Will Be Gone
I Think I Know A Better Version Of "The Night Before Christmas"!
I´ll Bet When We Get Back The Eggnog Bread Will Be Ready!
Do You Like Card Tricks? I Love Card Tricks!
I Know A Great Christmas Story...Its Called "The Night Before Christmas"
Find Out What Christmas In Austria Is Like!
Some Christmas Music Might Sound Good Now
I Sure Would Like Some Hot Soup!

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