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Lyrics for IBM Anthem "Ever Onward"

         there's a thrill in store for all
         for we're about to toast
         the corporation that we represent.
         we're here to cheer each pioneer 
         and also proudly boast,
         of that man of men
         our friend and guiding hand
         the name of t.j. watson means
         a courage none can stem
         and we feel honored to be
         here to toast the ibm.           
           ever onward! ever onward!
           that's the spirit that has brought
           us fame.
           we're big but bigger we will be,
           we can't fail for all can see,
           that to serve humanity
           has been our aim.
           our products now are known
           in every zone.
           our reputation sparkles
           like a gem.
           we've fought our way through
           and new fields we're sure to conquer, too,
           for the ever onward ibm! 
     ever onward! ever onward!
           we're bound for the top
           to never fall,
           right here and now we thankfully
           pledge sincerest loyalty
           to the corporation
           that's the best of all
           our leaders we revere
           and while we're here,
           let's show the world just what
           we think of them!
           so let us sing men - sing men
           once or twice, then sing again
           for the ever onward ibm!