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Air Mail

Some Great Video Clips


-A small dog with an attitude (932KB)
-Competition in the food chain (1.3 MB)
-Older cat keeping the youngster in line (1.6MB)
-Working at the zoo (678KB)
-Some young bears come to town (3.6MB)
-Small dog with a problem (1 MB)
-Kids and there pets (689 KB)
-Dog abduction (2 MB)
-It's not safe to go in the water (339KB)
-Bird with really bad luck (1.1 MB)


-It's not always easy to pass (675KB)
-Boat or Space Shuttle...You decide (688KB)
-Some times you eat a little dirt (467KB)
-Full contact bowling (1.2MB)
-The spectators are the danger (1.7MB)
-He was getting passed anyway (671KB)
-One word... aerodynamics (1.6MB)
-Outstanding Soccer drills! (3.4MB)
-When you got to go......(2.1MB)
-Dangerous golf shots (3.8MB)
-Everybody has the soccer spirit (590KB)
-Ready for the Olympics? (642KB)
-Swimming pools and Kiaks (1MB)
-You gotta pay attention (603KB)
-Son of Evil Kenivel? (1.4MB)
-Take the whole gang snow skiing (2.8MB)
-Doing some snow skiing tricks (797KB)
-Motocrossers - don't do it like this (541KB)
-Don't drink and drive! (693KB)
-Be sure to check your equipment (429KB)
-Tennis nut as the official (7.3MB)
-Tennis friends (865KB)
-Outstanding clip of Tiger Woods! (3.6MB)
-Baseball ... Your Out! (1.3MB)


-Hot Air Balloon gets too hot (993KB)
-What are they doing? (751KB)
-A Hot Date (1MB)
-Plug that in again...Please (3.5MB)
-Check your coffee (2.3MB)
-Too friendly for communion (1.1MB)
-What you can do when the boss is gone (637KB)
-Who was that (712 KB)
-Is this toy approved for children (917 KB)
-English version of WASUP (4.6 MB)
-Parents can be sooo embarrassing (2.3 MB)
-Lamour (1.6 MB)
-When her husband comes home (451 KB)
-But, you don't understand (1.7 MB)
-Monalisa (895 KB)
-Don't play with matches (646 KB)
-That's how it goes in the Sauna (584 KB)
-Strip for Granny (1.2 MB)
-Deep Throat? (1.4 MB)
-Fun things to do at the office (741 KB)
-Christmas at Westbahnhof (1.7 MB)


Some Really Fun Links

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A collection of interactive sites on the Web...they'll calculate anything!
Build your own Robot!
Very Unique

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