Mr. Richard Edward Pendleton
Katharinengasse 16/4/2 
1100 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43-1-956-3004
 Mobile: 0699-1-956-3004


Born on 08/02/1957 in Los Angeles, California (USA) 
Married with one child
Permission for permanent residence in Austria


Professional History

June 1975 – Aug. 1984 

Route sales/Bottled water delivery with, "Deep Rock Bottled Water Company", Los Angeles, California, USA 

Aug. 1984 – July 1992 

Branch manager of "Starving Students Moving Company", San Bernardino, California, USA 

July 1992 – Nov. 1995 

Assistant Executive Housekeeper, Housekeeping Dept. of "Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resorts", Death Valley, California, USA 

June 1996 – March 1998 

Houseman, Housekeeping Dept. of  "Hotel Ananas", Vienna, Austria 

April 1998- Dec. 2000 

Houseman, Housekeeping Dept. of "Hotel Renaissance Penta Vienna", Vienna, Austria 

Jan. 2001- Dec. 2005

Key User (second level support for DB2 Users) Asia Pacific region, IBM Austria, Vienna, Austria


Formal Education 

Sept. 1962 – June 1969 

Village Christian School, Los Angeles, California, USA 

Sept. 1969 – June 1972 

Rosemont Junior High School, Los Angeles, California, USA 

Sept. 1972 – June 1975 

Crescenta Valley High School, Los Angeles, California, USA 

Since Feb. 2000 

BA degree in Computer Sciences - Open University, London, UK (ongoing, on-line studies)

Began Nov. 2004

Completion date= Dec. 2005

IBM courses:

- JAVA Programming Fundamentals
- An Overview of JAVA
- The JAVA Language
- Object Oriented Programming
- C++ Programming Fundamentals
- Introduction to Secure Programming


Knowledge, Interests & Awards


English is my native language, I speak fluent German, and I have a fundamental knowledge of Spanish.

Computer Skills 

Proficient with SQL / QMF
Proficient with Microsoft Office & Lotus Notes Programs.
Proficient with Dreamweaver, Front Page etc.


I have a fundamental knowledge of Flash, Fireworks, Freehand and a   variety of Graphics Programs.


I am currently studying to develop my skills in the areas of, Object Oriented Programming, the C++ programming language, and the JAVA programming language.


1) German Course - Brigittenau Junior College, Vienna, Austria

2) “The history & architecture of the Internet” - Open University, London


IBM “Bravo Award“ for contributions in the Asia Pacific Conversion Project December 2004, Vienna, Austria


Computer & Console games,  Internet,  Snow Skiing, Water sports


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