Happy Halloween!

Ghoulish Greetings from Rick, Moni & Cashy

a Halloween Poem by Becci Irving

Looking around as the noises loom,

knowing how close you are to doom.
You begin to sweat, the goosebumps flow,
you turn to run but your feet won't go.
The roaches crawl across your face,
the spiders make there webs of lace.
You try to scream but no sound comes forth,
the demons have charted there deadly course.
High above the witches fly,
screaming loudly as they pass you by.
Below you now many hands break free,
rising up from the muddy sea.
Blood is oozing from every door,
spilling secrets that are held no more.
All this comes from that one mistake,
That extra piece of pie you ate.

Best wishes from the three of us!
Rick, Moni & Cashy